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I remember vividly the first time I had a friend share a Sabbath School tape with me. I was very frustrated by the end of the tape because Graham asked very good, thought-provoking questions, but never seemed to give an answer to them. He just kept saying our God is not what his enemies have made Him out to be....But I kept listening and I began to read the Bible differently. On a long road trip a friend loaned me her set of the picture of God in all 66 books. I fell in love with my Great God all over again with a better picture, a more trustworthy and loving picture of Him, than I had ever had before. Since then, I have read Graham’s books and listened to everything I can over and over to rewrite the messages that have been so deeply ingrained into my heart and mind. I love this God and I want to be just like Him. But more than that, I want everyone to know Him as He truly is and become His trusting and trustworthy friend as I am learning to do day by day.

Currently I am in India at one of the SDA schools. It has been my privilege to share this picture of God with some of these young people. I pray the seed will grow and flourish. I look forward to finally meeting Graham in heaven. May I be as faithful as Graham in declaring this great Good News to all God gives me the privilege of influencing so the harvest will be plentiful.

With deep gratitude,

Lisa Gott

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