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I became aware of the foundation of truth... Print

When I was a teenager, my Dad brought home some ideas about God that were revolutionary.  I had no idea who he had interacted with when he went to teacher's meetings in Southern California in the late 60's.  Then in 1996, our Sabbath School teacher invited us to his home to listen to a tape.  While listening to Dr. Maxwell share about "The End of Sin and Sinners", I knew who my Dad had listened to and interacted with so many years before.  I became aware of the foundation of Truth that God had orchestrated for me. While that seems significant and special (and it was....), I fell in love with God in a bigger and deeper way through that series of discussions on how God treats sinners!  I know that I had experienced a re-Birth!

After my dad passed away in 1989, I found this quote on the flyleaf of his Bible, "The Bible is not a code book about deeds to be done or sins to be shunned --- but a revelation of the truth about God."  Maxwell

I praise God for His gift of Love through the mind and heart of Graham Maxwell!  Maranatha! Lord Jesus!

Sad, yet full of Hope!

Rachel Kinne

When Graham spoke about God... Print

When Graham spoke about God—
I felt like there was hope for me,
And yet I didn’t blame Him for this mess!

Thank you Graham & family…
For answering my questions about God.

See you that blessed morning!!!

Tim Mulder
Shafter, CA

PS  You showed me:

  • The Bible can be trusted.
  • Ellen White can be trusted.
  • Truth and evidence is the only thing to safely trust.
  • Most of all God can be trusted.

Thank you….

Graham had a tremendous impact... Print

Graham had a tremendous impact on my understanding of God. Thank you Graham - you will be missed.

Joe Sodora

I would have love to... Print

Hi Cherie, I wish for the comfort of friends and our Lord to be with Graham Maxwell's family at this time.  His legacy will continue through his books and programs.  A few months ago, I was walking with a friend, and suddenly she looked up, waved and yelled, and there was Graham Maxwell looking over his high fence down at us.

He was taking a little break, evidently, from caring for his sick wife.  I would have loved to have been able to know him as the others in the Sabbath School sessions who have been there for years have been able to do.  But I'm looking forward to that in heaven.  Thanks for letting me know. God bless you all at this time.   love, jm


Jacqueline miller

Changed my life and that of my husband... Print

So sorry to hear!  Graham, or his picture of God, changed my life and that of my husband.  Duane had always been pushing the edges, not satisfied with the “line” and not thinking it made sense.  Graham, in his forever kind, gentle way, assured us it is all right to question and come to different conclusions without loosing our Christianity.  Since we have both taught in Adventist schools for years, we’ve passed that idea along to lots of students.  I did it today with my 1st and 2nd graders.  What a gift to be able to love God and ask questions, Not to have to accept everything just because someone says so.

His gracious, kind, caring spirit will be enjoyed for a long time, thanks to the CDs and other materials that you all have put together.  I’m enjoying a set of “God in the 66” and am blessed by it.

We look forward to heaven when we will sit with Jesus and hear the full measure of Love which Graham’s spirit has showed us a glimpse of,.

Blessings and prayers to all of you.

Duane and Sue Shabo

For the first time I understood... Print

What sad news Cherie.  Graham was a great man.  I attended SDA schools all the way through college.  What I learned there, by well intentioned teachers, was that I must strive for perfection, but would probably be unsuccessful.  About 20 or 25 years ago, when listening to one of Graham's tapes, things just clicked, and for the first time I understood that God really wants me with him and that I can count on salvation as a reality.

Carol Davidson McIntyre

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