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We never forget him... Print

I have known only few days ago about Graham.....

I want to bring to you my condolences...

I m really sorry to hear it about him...

He was very very good person... We never forget him....


Seeing more clearly how God treated mankind... Print

My heart is broken to hear of Graham's death. He pointed me to such a wonderful, intelligent, kind and powerful God. I couldn't help admiring and loving a God like that. I am so thankful for his ministry. I feel like I've temporarily lost another father again, for my own died a few years ago. Graham's kind instruction, tactful suggestions on looking and searching Scripture, having the freedom to ask question's of God, seeing more clearly how God treated mankind through the centuries, weighing the evidence leads me to want to carry the torch of the good news about God with even more focus.  I see him as one of God's great friends, right there with Abraham, Daniel, Moses, Elijah, Elisha, John and Paul. I look forward to seeing them all visiting together with our loving God some day.

May God continue to bless and give you all peace and strength, as you continue this important ministry.

Love in Him,

Nancy Wageman

The missionary book of the year... Print

The missionary book of the year:  Can God Be Trusted was my first introduction to Graham.  I was washed out of the ministry in 3 months. When the Lord miraculously called me back into the ministry to the NY conference in 1987, providentially I was sent to a small humble district with the words,  "Steve, just encourage them!"  Who would have known the encouragement that Gene and Alyce Reese would give me.  I am not the same pastor I used to be!  I cannot express the deep gratitude for Pine Knoll providing the cds to church libraries!

In God's Love!

Pastor Steve and Jan Wall
Westminster Maryland, Chesapeake Conference

A true intellectual giant... Print

Graham was a true intellectual giant.  He will be sorely missed.  My deepest sympathy.

Howardine Boehm

Only in eternity will it be known... Print

Thank you for sending all the materials you have so freely given to some of our small churches!

Only in eternity will it be known how greatly Graham Maxwell's perspective on the character of God has influenced so many people, including my wife and myself!  I was raised a Lutheran and became an Adventist after my marriage to Allegra.  Not many years s later, a loving church member introduced me to Graham's audio tapes.  That was in about 1975 after we had been in the ministry 8 years.  Since then, we have been thrilled by the wonderful picture of God found in the Bible.  This theme has profoundly influenced my ministry and preaching and teaching!  We have been proclaiming this good news for about 50 years now and have seen what a difference it makes in the lives of people when the truth about God's character is revealed throughout the Bible, versus that which Satan tries to portray Him as.  The thrill and privilege of it keep me going.  Praise God for people like Maxwell and you who are currently proclaiming that truth!

Ed and Allegra Gienger
College Place, WA    (Just returned from a year as interim pastor in Fargo, ND)

Time and space would not permit... Print

Time and Space would not permit to express what could be said about Dr Graham. I have listened to his messages since 1986 and it changed my ministry, my outlook on God, my whole outlook on people. To be in a friendship relationship with God and our fellow man would have to be the highest achievement in all our lives and Dr Graham taught me that.

God bless you all at Pineknoll for making it possible to have known Dr A.G. Maxwell

In His love

Wolfgang Kissener

A light shining in the darkness... Print

My heart is aching with you right now at the news of Graham's passing. I could hardly believe it when I heard, and it still seems surreal. He was one of those saints you just thought would always be there as a light shining in the darkness--and indeed he was and will remain so until Jesus takes us all home, I think. I can't quite describe the impact the ministry you all shared together had on me as a teenager. I can only thank God for revealing his most gracious character to me through the person of his dear friends Graham, Cherie, Gary and the rest of the Pine Knoll team.

I couldn't sleep after learning of his death. I hope I am standing somewhere nearby when God meets Graham in Heaven and says "Thank you. You have said of me what was right."

With all my love and deepest prayers,

Rachel Davies

It's the only interpretation that fits... Print

I, with my two sons, had the privilege of meeting Dr. Maxwell in 1996 at Cherie Kirk’s home.

Listening to the lectures, I have carried in my mind since that time Dr. Maxwell’s oft’ repeated advisory, “read on…” as well as his honest addendum to that phrase, “it get’s worse!”  No soft-soaping there, or trying to paint a rosy path where there is none;  also, I can still hear him say,  “take it home and work on it”.

This has always been challenging, as well as refreshing, as I grew up in different religious circles wherein the basic protocol was a force-fed, no questions asked, sign here on the dotted line sort of salvation – including the concept of burning somewhere forever -

I’d rather keep reading the Bible and thinking and praying as best I know how in the direction of Dr. Maxwell’s suggestions, along with the writings of Ellen White… it’s still the only interpretation that fits, that makes any sense, that seems to allay the insanity of eternal hell, or the’ empty the mind/no one home in the universe direction’ which I’ve also looked at.

Margo, South Korea

Dr. Maxwell's focus on the truth... Print

I have heard it said that it has ever been the case that when a movement loses sight of it's mission, it will cease to be what it was intended to be.

I have seen this in churches and other organizations. However, I saw the opposite in Pine Knoll/ Study Tapes. Dr Maxwell's focus on the truth about GOD as it is in Jesus, that he will treat his enemies the same as his friends. There is no need to be afraid. Not Now. Not Ever.

With Love and Fond Remembrance, The Klatt part of this family, Erik, Nikki & Marni,

McLoud, Oklahoma

He caused a paradigm shift in my spiritual life... Print

I'm sitting here Sabbath afternoon, with tears in my eyes--thinking of what a tremendous impact Graham had on me--my husband, kids, brother, parents--all because Fred and I went to his Sabbath school classes while at LLUSM in 1975-78.  He caused a paradigm shift in my spiritual life with his clear reasoning and vast knowledge of scripture and EGW and his gentle patient approach of asking questions!!  I'm not convinced we would have stayed with the church the way we understood it because it wasn't making good sense.  But Graham valued the good sense and showed us that God does too, that it's there in scripture, despite human flaws!!  That we have the freedom to question and search.  What a blessing he was!!  I know he suffered disapproval from many in the hierarchy--but no one could ever accuse him of being anything other than a godly man.  I look forward to sitting down with him and thanking him for teaching me who God is--I never had the courage to tell him that (was afraid I'd shed tears-as I'm doing now.)  We hope to see you at Pine Knoll SS in the next couple months-if we are lucky enough to be there when you are meeting.

All our deepest sympathy, mixed with our own deep sorrow,

Polly Dengel

A much clearer understanding of our heavenly Father... Print

Several years ago the Holy spirit led me to pine knoll publications and my wife and I began listening to conversations with God. We found them very enlightening and since then we have developed a much clearer understanding of our heavenly Father and Friend. Graham's lectures and other presentations led us to being more settled into the truth about God and His desire for us as His children and we began to know God instead of just knowing about Him.

We too share in the loss of his presence. He was a man with a message for all time. We truly thank God for him.

Devon & Rosie

His gentleness... Print

It is a sad day when a man of God passes on.  A.  Graham Maxwell was truly one of them.  His gentleness and applied knowledge in presenting God in an approachable light was a refreshing departure from the harshness associated with other interpretations.  It made one want to seek Him out and not cower in terror of an angry God.

I wish Dr. Maxwell's family strength and fortitude that God can supply in this hour of sadness.  Dr. Maxwell will be sorely missed and I look forward to the day when I can discuss theological matters with him.


Thomas C. Reyes

One of our favorite friends in Christ... Print

We are saddened to hear of one of our favorite friends in Christ has died. But we know in Whom he believed. We will look for him in Heaven. I listen to his tapes on my way to and from work. He will be greatly missed in this family and world wide.

Yours in Christ,

Buddy and Patricia Hunt

Alex, Molly, Allie
Joan Gordon Macintosh
Bob Parsons
Lucas and Iris Mamier
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