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My sympathies... Print

Remembering Graham,

My sympathies to the remaining family.


Murray Hallam

This message was transformative... Print

Graham will be missed!  Dr. Ralph Thompson told me recently how Dr. Hinshaw would host meetings at his house with Graham as the speaker after move from White Memorial to Loma Linda.  Many physicians attended these Bible studies week after week, and the meetings had much to do with creating an ‘esprit de corps’ at Loma Linda and with keeping people in the church who might otherwise have drifted away.  The memory that stands out the most in my mind comes from a sermon Graham preached in University Church in May, 1980, on the rape of the concubine in Judges 19.  Aside from telling the story in a gripping way, he read the statements from EGW about the crisis in the government of God, a crisis among the loyal angels.  He also pointed out that bad people assaulted the concubine from Bethlehem, but it was the good people who were implacably hostile to that other child from Bethlehem.  My thinking on this subject was already in motion, but this message was nevertheless transformative.  To this day it remains at the center of my sense of identity as a Seventh-day Adventist.  Next to the birth of our oldest daughter, it is my strongest and most enduring memory of my educational experience at Loma Linda University.

Please convey our love, sadness, and gratitude to Graham’s family.

Grace and peace,

Sigve Tonstad

Who inspired all to know and trust our God... Print

Typed from a personal note card:

With Sympathy on the Loss of Graham Maxwell who inspired all to know and trust our God on the weight of evidence given in scripture.

My heart is very sad as I write.  I feel like I’ve lost a mentor and friend.

Just listening to SS classes was instruction in how to respect people even when they disagreed, a method as well as a message.  He would ask questions, then get us started thinking, tell a related story, ask a similar question, talk a little more and play with that question or idea and never actually tell us an answer.  Some would get very upset when he didn’t answer a question “One, Two, Three!”  He was more likely to ask you one in reply.   I loved it because it made me think things through, go back to the Bible, Ellen White, and look it up again.

I cannot pick just one favorite... Print

The picture of God that Graham has shared over the years has had such an impact on my life I don't even know where to begin.  I admire the way he deals with those who disagree with him and wish I could learn to be as gracious and loving as he always is.

I have listed to almost every recorded talk that I could get a hold of.  His voice is so familiar that I feel we are good friends although he does not know me.

I enjoyed all his stories, I can not pick just one favorite.

Thank you Graham for sharing the wonderful picture of God and his kingdom of love.

Amy Steele

Gracefully turned my world right-side up... Print

I spent a good portion of my early years collecting sermons to better understand our God and His dealings with mankind.  It’s not clear how pine-knoll (old) made it to my favorite’s area, however, it remained largely unexplored for some time.  One day, I decided to listen to the “Conversations about God” series that gracefully turned my world right-side up!  The more I listened, the more it was apparent I was looking at the cross with blinders, I possessed what Graham called the narrow view.  I realized for the first time that I needed to build on ideas larger than myself.  Indeed, the close relationship Graham shared with our Heavenly Father blessed my life by making clear the “Larger View” and the truth of why Jesus came to die.  I believe and accept this picture and will continue share “All” of Him with those I find along the way.  May God forever bless bro Graham, his family, and those who support this blessed ministry.

Yours and His,

Elder Ben Johnson

He encouraged us to... Print

I remember Graham saying in the Bible God is not who his enemies have made him out to be, Arbitrary, exacting, Unforgiving and severe.

He encouraged us to take all 66 books of the Bible as a whole and see the one central theme.

“I’m grieving his loss”.

Tony Bruni

May God continue... Print

The Arthur S. Maxwell family first arrived in Mountain View, CA in the late '30s as "Uncle Arthur" came to be the Editor of the "Signs of the Times" Journal at the Pacific Press.  The whole family had just arrived from England and were eating lunch at the Pacific Press Cafeteria and I was sitting at the next table.  They had "artichokes".

Some days later I met the oldest sister, Maureen and the three sons, Graham, and the twins, Lawrence and Mervyn, when they enrolled in Mountain View Academy, where I was a freshman.

My life was changed in that moment... Print

Thank you so much for the opportunity to share thoughts about Dr. Maxwell. I have spent considerable time thinking about this.

In 1968 when Dr. Maxwell told the story in Bible class about the son who drank the poison and the father's response to him, my life was changed in that moment as I was convicted that was the truth about God.  And I knew the response I had been sure the father would have was not true.

I often think of Graham... Print

When taking a shower, I often think of Graham telling about when he was growing up, his mother asking him if he had washed his neck before he went to bed. Will she ever be surprised when she finds out just how broad her influence was.


Surely proven to be my hero... Print

Graham has surely proven to be my hero & mentor since about 1975. Presenting a picture of God like no other I've ever heard. This picture has put me on a road of no return - totally changed my life and direction of purpose. Words can not express my gratitude.


I owe him and my Heavenly Father... Print

Wish I could attend the Memorial Services for Dr. Graham Maxwell January 8.  I owe him and my Heavenly Father such a debt of gratitude for bringing the glorious light about God’s character—it has brought joy and peace to my heart ever since.

I thank God for the stalwarts such as Graham Maxwell to keep the SDA church faithful and true.  God’s blessings to you all,

Claire Snider
Ukiah, CA

Still blessing people... Print

Just wanted you to know how much Dr. Maxwell's programs are still blessing people here in Florida.  I worked at LLU Med Center back in 1970 - 1985 and was so blessed to attend the special Sabbath School. Thank you Pine Knoll for making studies available for down load.  I have spent the weekend loading all the available Maxwell MP3's on to two 16gig MP3 players that my friend brought especially to listen to the amazing Good News that God can be trusted, and has not only set us right but is keeping  us right.  I have also shared Dr Graham's messages on several other MP3 players for friends and directed others to the Pine Knoll website.  Dr. Maxwell's gift is really "the gift that keeps on giving"

May the Lord continue to bless Dr Maxwell and Pine Knoll's website


My understanding of the gracious God he loved... Print

He was a good friend and remains alive and well in my memory and my understanding of the gracious God he loved, showed us all and so consistently imitated.

My prayers are with you and the family, both personal and Pine Knoll.

With loving memories of a dear, dear friend;

Keith Corbett

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