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I can love others genuinely... Print

Graham showed me (a modern self-righteous Pharisee) that I don't have to condemn and judge others.  That I can leave people free.  That is such a weight off my shoulders! I can love others genuinely and unconditionally for the first time in my life.  What a joy to love others as God loves His human family.  Graham gave me a picture where God, for the first time in my life, makes sense.

I find where hearts are open to bits and pieces of this picture of God, people become more loving and less judging, there's greater unity.  This has happened in my little country church over the past ten years....we're learning we all struggle together and we need one another.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful ministry.

Alyce Muhs

Learned of a faith I would die for... Print

My mother would read "Foxes Book of Martyrs" when I was a young girl and as she was reading I would think "I would just recant I would not give up my life for my religion." When my husband was accepted into Loma Linda school of Medicine and we moved to Loma Linda my sister Lucile Roos took us to Graham Maxwells Sabbath School Class. In that setting, I little by little learned of a faith I would die for.  I learned of a God that is so good and pure and loving.  I can love and trust him with my whole life.

Betty Jane Hulse

The ripple effect is happening... Print

God bless, and thank you so very much!

Listening to the Sabbath School lessons on tape not only changed me but has made a major difference in the Sabbath School class that I teach.  The ripple effect is happening.  In fact the full power FM station we started is WGCP... "Where God's Character is Proclaimed"!  The last message to go to the world is the revelation of God's character.  It is my sincere desire that my life reflects His gracious, merciful and loving character so that those who know me are drawn to Him.

Thank you.  I pray very soon we will sing together on that Sea of Glass in Heaven,

Ruth Calkins

So awed by the truth about God... Print

I've never had to the chance to meet Graham Maxwell. If I had, merely saying "Thank you" would have been entirely inadequate to express how much his contribution to Adventist theology has meant to me. But I have always had a deep respect and appreciation for his teaching and his views about God. The good news about the kind of God we have has made all the difference for me as an Adventist Christian and as a pastor (currently, in the Collegedale, TN area).

It is now our privilege... Print

Our families have been blessed to be taught by Dr. Maxwell for more than 45 years.  Mom and Dad started going to Graham's Sabbath School class in the amphitheater (? physiology) in the mid '60s.

It is now our privilege to carry on what Graham did so well,  telling the world that God is like Jesus, He is our Friend.

We look forward to hear God tell Dr. Maxwell, "you have said of Me what is right".


Lucille Roos and Catherine Johns

A paradigm shift for me... Print

One of the first things I read from AGM was the “What we believe-A message from Graham Maxwell”.  It was the beginning of a paradigm shift for me in my seeing God as a loving God and friend.


Jon Reiswig
Seattle, Washington

I don't know where we would be spiritually... Print

Hi all,

We are sad to hear of his  passing.  I don't know where we would be spiritually if it hadn't been for his sharing the larger view.  We were quite disallusioned with Adventisim until we began listening to him on tape back in 1986.  What a privilege to meet him and Gary back in 1988 at the Stevens Ave. church in Mpls.  We have fond memories of that weekend.  I am confident that he will soon hear the words  "well done."

Roger and Eleanor Eno

I thank Graham for showing me... Print

I thank Graham for showing me that Ellen White is not the person I grew up (in the '60s and '70s) believing her to be.  I am now reading her books whereas before I didn't want anything to do with her.

Easton, PA

Remembering a friend of God... Print

November 29, 2010

Today I wondered how the early Christians reacted to the news of Paul's passing.  How about those closest to him—the ones who were his partners in the gospel?  Did the Philippians remember Paul's letter to them—how he desired to "depart and be with Christ" (Philippians 1:23, ESV)—and then celebrate the fact he finally was granted his wish?  Did Timothy smile and think about the "crown of righteousness" his mentor received because he "fought the good fight...finished the race...kept the faith" (2 Timothy 4:7-8)?

No, I suspect that their initial reaction to hearing that Paul had finally paid the ultimate price for preaching the gospel in season and out of season (2 Timothy 4:2) was the same as mine this morning at the news that Graham Maxwell had passed away overnight.  Paul's death was not unexpected; he specifically told Timothy he did not have long—that the "time of [his] departure [had] come" (2 Timothy 4:6).  Neither was Graham's a surprise—his family saw how he was losing the battle with age and were by his side during his final moments.

The fallacy of the presumed premise... Print

My favorite quote, and I use it often is “the fallacy of the presumed premise”.  Graham was always available to talk about God and was very helpful in leading you into the answer instead of giving you the answer.  My job kept me on the road and while I was driving over the Los Angeles freeways we had many a very long conversation.

In the 1980’s I purchased a set of the tapes where Graham went through “all 66” for my father who had been away from the church for about 30 years.  One afternoon my dad said “that if he had of had that picture of God 30 years earlier, what a difference it would have made in his life”.

I shed a tear (or more) this morning when I read about Graham.

Graham truly was “a friend of God”, he will be missed but now he is “one of the lads”!

Thank you for all you have done to keep his picture of God alive!

Larry M. Powell

I feel a profound sense of loss... Print

I feel a profound sense of loss, even though I know Graham is safe in the Lord’s embrace.  Graham was a truly great man, who was a blessing for so many, and for so many years.  Surely, his good works will follow him.

I pray that God’s Spirit and the hope of the resurrection of Christ will draw close to you, and comfort the whole Pine Knoll family at this time.

With affection and sympathy,

Lisa Beardsley

A selfless God... Print

We grieve with you and the Pineknoll family about this great loss.

Graham has changed me and my parents view about God from a selfish god to a selfless God. No one will know the impact of his teachings and the effect it had on us and other people's lives. We will keep on representing the God we came to know through Graham to others so that the work will be finished soon and we all can go home.

Peace, prayers, blessings.

From The van den Heever family in South Africa


South Africa

I will be looking for him in heaven... Print

Graham is the one person that i would credit to making the biggest change in my life.

I have most of his tapes and they have been a treasure to me.

I have considered him not only a friend of God but also a friend of mine, even tho we have never met. I will be looking for him in heaven.

Beverly Kirby

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