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Graham will be shouting the loudest for sure... Print

Caleb said “We will meet on that beautiful shore, He will remember us, he dedicated us.”

(Caleb is 9 years old and was dedicated by Graham in Sabbath School class near the time of his birth)

Deane said:  “I can just imagine all of us standing in heaven and shouting “Worthy is the Lamb” and Graham will be shouting the loudest for sure.”

Caleb and Deane Spaulding

A true gentleman... Print

So sorry to hear about Graham.  He was a true gentleman--as I remember always gracious, soft spoken, with an endearing sense of humor.

Cheryl Couperus

Changed my life... Print

Graham Maxwell has changed my life, through his picture of God I have re-discovered the loving Father and My Friend Jesus that I knew as a child. What a blessing Graham has been to me.


Joy Montgomery Price

Dr. G. Maxwell changed my understanding... Print

Dr. G. Maxwell changed my understanding about our Lord.since 1985 I was listen his tapes every day, and I think Dr Maxwell honored the concept about the character of GOD.

We lost one GIANT in theology. and a great Friend of GOD

Jorge Garcia

I have very positive memories... Print

I am saddened to hear about Dr. Maxwell.  I have very positive memories of him as a wonderful and kind religion teacher.  I took a Bible Class from him when I was in nursing school (LLUSN) and the course theme was to discover what each book of the Bible revealed about God.

Thanks for all you do to spread the Word through your ministry.

Kathie Ingram

Each night he spoke... Print

Back in the mid eighties, 1980’s that is, Dr. Maxwell came to Florida for Camp Meeting.  He was the featured speaker each evening and he had prepared a brand new series entitled “Servants or Friends”.

Fred and I were honored to have him and his side-kick Cherie Kirk over for dinner at the start of the series.

Upon arrival at our house, he spotted our billiards table and asked Fred if he were up to a game later on that evening.   Cherie quickly reminded him of an article overdue to the publisher, an article he had promised to have completed before the end of the week.   He realized he needed to finish the article and looked forward to a game when his article was finished.

I have re-discovered the loving Father... Print

January 4, 2011

Graham Maxwell has changed my life.  Through his picture of God

I have re-discovered the loving Father and my Friend Jesus that I knew as a child.  What a blessing Graham has been to me!


Joy Montgomery Price

We will miss his beautiful presentations... Print

I loved his use of the word "winsome" to describe the attitude a real Christian should have in discussing issues of importance with others.

We, along with many thousands of others, will miss his beautiful and reasonable presentations regarding "the truth about God's character"

Stan and Florence Ray

Truly a modern day prophet... Print

Graham Maxwell was truly a modern day prophet; always so focused on telling the truth about our heavenly Father, in such an intelligent, educated, gracious and winsome way.  And to think that I had the wonderful privilege of sitting at this man’s feet.  I look forward to enrolling in one of his classes in the earth made new.  I’ll need to matriculate early to get a seat in that class.

Bud Racine

He came over and gave me a huge bear hug... Print

Sabbath, January 15, 2011

Dear Cherie,

I had intended to reply sooner to your message of Graham's passing, but every time I tried to write down something, it seemed inadequate.  It has taken me a while to process the idea that he is gone, awaiting the resurrection.  His kindness, friendship, and spiritual encouragement were so large it has seemed disrespectful to try to quantify his significance to Mike and I, especially knowing his enormous influence on so many others who knew him better than we did.

I often wonder what might have been... Print

My first encounter with Dr. Maxwell was in the summer of 1973 at Andrews University where he was teaching a Seminar with Dr. Dederen. Talk about two extremes of SDA theology all in one single seminar! Many sided with Dederen, but I was clearly on the side of Maxwell and have remained there the rest of my life. Thank you Dr. Maxwell.

Now that I am retired, I am almost finished writing a book that will probably be titled: "Idolatry of Blood," with sub title: "Unscrambling the Message of Jesus." I often wonder what might have been of the Church if Dr. Maxwell had been heard with  open minds and hearts. Probably noting less than a great awakening and the proclamation of the Third Angel's Message.

Fred Zurcher

His work will never be finished until... Print

I cannot be sad that Graham Maxwell went to his rest. Of course we would have wanted to have kept him around forever but i think his work was done. In another sense his work will never be finished until in our individual lives we humbly accept the exciting challenge of being God's friend. Not only that but share this profound understanding of God's will.

I am happy to have found your site and your group and then to have found Graham's sermons. They are on my mp3 on my computer and often i just listen online as i scrabble away on facebook.

I still need legal measures but at least i understand where i am. My prayer is that when i meet him in the new earth i can personally thank him for reviving my understanding of "God said it and I believe it". As a caribbean  person it is hard to talk back to God(we have such a strong sense of respect for authority..it seems to be inbuilt)but things are different now.

May God bless you at pineknoll as you take his legacy forward....i cannot thank you all enough ..

Jean Brice

Goodbye Mr. Graham... Print

Hello and Happy Sabbath to Pineknoll and to Maxwell family.

I just read the announcement of Mr. A. Graham Maxwell's rest in God. I want to let you (Pineknoll and Maxwell family) that what Mr. Graham's done in evangelism had been a great influence in changing my perspective - and I think to many others too - in seeing God as the creator, into the right perspective that He wants us to know through the bible.

I feel a great loss too, but in the same time, I feel assured that we, and other believers will meet Mr. Graham, shake his hand, and will thank him for showing them Jesus, God and Holy Spirit while we and they were on earth.

Goodbye Mr. Graham, until Jesus comes and wakes you up to bring us to His mansion! Amen.

Yohanes Nugroho

Judy and Jerald Whitehouse
Obie Obland
Iris Mamier and Marcia Heisler
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